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For Freelancers

What is goodjob?

We pay you when an employer pays us to advertise their role - to invest in your development and wellbeing.

We’ll give you half of the job posting fee to spend on training, development, insurance or health - even if you didn't find it via us.

Read more about how it works and why we're doing this.

Why are you sending me a payment link?

We've been told that you have been contracted to work with one of our clients. When they pay to advertise a job on goodjob, we take that fee, and pay it on to the freelancer who got the job.

We pay out 50% of the fee to the individual freelancer who did the work, and the rest goes towards our Leapers community, after costs.

We call this a support bursary - and it is for your discretionary use on anything which supports your ability to work well as a self-employed individual, for example, you might want to pay it towards health insurance, gym access, counselling sessions, training and development, or even towards taking time off or paying down debts.

We'll try and tell you what project this is for in your email notifying you of a payment available, and if you're still not clear - it's worth speaking to your client, who will

We use Monzo to send you a payment link via email - once you've clicked on the link, you'll be able to choose where the funds are sent.

Is this a scam?

No, it's one of the many ways which Leapers supports the mental health of the self-employed. Leapers is a trading name of Foxlark Strategy Limited, a company registered in England and Wales, founded by Matthew Knight, a strategist and mental health advocate.

We're working hard to find ways to make these payments seem as legitimate as possible, but whilst we're in beta, things are a little scrappy.

If you chose not to accept the payment, we'll pay it towards the Leapers project, so it will continue to support the wider freelancer community, which you can still benefit from by accessing our resources at

What is my tax liability on this payment?

You may have a liability, you should speak to your accountant. If you need to invoice us for the payment to make things easier, we can do that.